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  • Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Art Linkletter Was Smart...

    Today I put a quote on the blackboard. I thought it was a pretty smart quote. This was it:

    "Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out." -Art Linkletter

    What did one of the kids (a particular bonehead, who's always too high to care about English anyway; met with her Mom last week and she's unable to control her at home, so boot camp has been recommended) say about it?

    "What the hell's a Linkletter?"

    It doesn't sound to me like that quote will do anything for her. Despite her turbulent upbringing and the paths she's currently carving out for herself, it doesn't sound to me like she thinks more in advance about anything other than her next bong hit. Maybe someday this quote will mean something to her; for now, it doesn't mean anything.

    This is the part of my job that I try not to bring home with me, as hard as it is. Some kids will just always live rent-free in my head at the end of the day.

    It just makes me hug my baby even harder than I already do. Kids need that, you know. I see what happens every day when they don't get that. And I'll never let my son feel that alone...


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