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  • Monday, February 06, 2006

    Of All The Things I Could've Forgotten About...

    ...why, oh why, did I forget to renew my fucking driver's license? It expired last Sunday, on my birthday. You mean to tell me I've been driving for a whole week on an invalid license? Duh.

    Why couldn't I have forgotten something less important? Yeesh.*

    Now, I've either got to scramble to the DMV after work (and put up with the lines and hordes of people) or go on Wednesday (which I don't want to do since I'm taking a personal day off from work to celebrate my Mamahood; it's Jack's birthday that day and I just wanted to chill with him at home; I DON'T want to spend it at the damned DMV!).

    Talk about scatterbrained...

    *It looks like this baby is taking over my brain, not just my body now.


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