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  • Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Mr. Schultz, My Mentor...

    Just the other night, I received word that my friend, Tim Schultz, was gravely ill. He was my mentor at the first CPS school that I ever worked at. He had fallen down backwards on the stairs on October 18th, carrying his usual heavy bookbag, and his health spiraled out of control after that. Prior to his fall, he was a healthy man in his mid-sixties, active and vibrant.

    Somewhere between the hospital and the rehab facility he was being transported to, he developed sepsis, a fungal infection, pseudomonas, and meningitis. His feeding tube had fallen out and he couldn't tell anyone it happened. By the time they'd noticed, he was already crashing. Now, it appears that his health is deteriorating very quickly and he may not even make it through the night. However, he's been off of life support for the last nine days, but his heart and spirit are very strong. He seems to want to fight for his life, despite the brain damage he may have.

    I am deeply saddened, mostly because he is such a good man and a warm spirit, and that this could've been prevented if he'd received adequate care immediately. I am hoping he knows how many hundreds of lives he touched (students and teachers, alike) by his mere presence alone. He is someone I will never, ever forget and I wish him a peaceful transition, even though it's way too soon and not the kind of exit I would've hoped for him. My heart wants to believe he'll make it through this, but the odds are stacked against him now.

    If you choose to leave this world, I will miss you, Tim, more than you'll ever know. I hope to see you on the veranda again someday.


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