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  • Sunday, January 24, 2010

    My Last Week...

    Well, it's my last week on maternity leave. I don't have any grand plans in mind. I just want to enjoy my time home with all the kids before I have to go back to work on February 1st. I just want to enjoy how little the babies are right now, not thinking of the things I'll miss when I go back to work. I want to nurse when they need it and enjoy the big kids before my time is up.

    It's bittersweet, really. There's so much I'm going to miss out on, but I'll be home for the summer in mid-June and won't have to go back until September. That's the beauty of my career...teachers get to enjoy their families during the off-season. It's the perfect career for someone like me, with a large family.

    Five years ago, I never would've thought I'd have four children under five right now. Jack will be five in a couple weeks; Liv will be four in a couple months; and the babies will be about four months old when I go back to work. Time sure has flown by quickly.

    It's the last time I'll ever be on maternity leave. This is my last hurrah. So, rather than make big plans for lots of cool things to do this last week, I'm going to sit back and relax, letting my kids point me in the direction we need to go.

    Hubby will be a stay-at-home Dad when I go back to work, so the kids will be in great hands, with someone who loves them as much as I do. And I'll only be gone eight hours max each day, including travel time. Not bad. I'll pump twice a day at work and leave booby juice for the girls. It's not a bad situation.

    I just have to prepare for a new routine now. It won't be easy, but as always, things find a way of working out. Sometimes you just have to sit back and let it all happen because you can't control everything. My God...did I just write that?

    The ride was good, but it's time to get off now. Sigh...


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