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  • Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Proving That I Am Certifiably Insane...

    Call me crazy, but the whole newborn period we went through with the twins was a breeze compared to having the singletons. When Jack was born, our whole life changed. It was not an easy transition at all, going from just us to three of us. Adding Liv to the mix a year later while having Jack still in diapers was not easy at all, but it wasn't as hard as having the first one. Three years later, Liesl and Leia are born and...well, I guess we knew what we were doing by then. Or I'm completely nuts thinking this has been easy. Don't get me wrong. ALL the kids have their fussy periods every single day, but for some reason the adjustment to twins wasn't as bone-jarring as I thought it would be.

    Even breastfeeding them has been a breeze. TWO babies! Where the hell have my brains gone that I think and believe that this has been easy at all?!

    Okay, so it's not easy, but systems and routines are in play which make all the transitions more manageable. Maybe that's the and routines. It certainly wasn't easy the first few weeks they were home, but we had a lot of family support and help. Once I was on my own, I was able to establish routines for getting the kids up and ready for school, nursing the babies, naptimes, all the while being able to keep a clean house and the kids fed. I thrive on time management and have a knack for getting things done in small amounts of time. You'll never see a full laundry basket in my house because I'm nuts about getting it done. I hate when laundry piles up.

    It certainly was a lot easier adjusting to the new babies than I thought it would be. It wasn't as hard as the first time around. I remember when I brought Liv home, I was scared to death to be alone with both kids, thinking I couldn't handle it. I wasn't alone with them for two months. Someone was always with me. Now, leave me alone with four kids and I can handle it. I just pick my battles and tend to the neediest ones first, be it the babies or the preschoolers. The preschoolers drive me bananas, but they're doing what preschoolers do...testing me. It's their job to test their limits, so I'm not surprised when all hell breaks loose shortly before bedtime. That's what they do. And you can't get mad at babies for fussing. That's their job, too.

    Is my house noisy? Hell yeah. Is it messy? Not really. Am I organized? You bet. Am I crazy? Maybe a little OCD. However, we've managed well and I have no complaints.

    Call me crazy, but this time around was easier than I expected it would be, even the recovery from my third C-section. The rough spots were not as rough as I expected they would be.

    I must be nuts. Ask me how it's going once the twins start teething. Heh. Maybe I'll be completely gray by then. And in a straitjacket.


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