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  • Saturday, January 02, 2010


    I've been looking for new recipes to make with quinoa. It's an interesting grain to experiment with. Of course, I have to actually go out and FIND quinoa before I can make anything with it. I've had it before and love the nutty texture and think it might be something my son would actually like.

    Any ideas?

    This is my half-hearted attempt to become a little crunchier in 2010. If I stop shaving my legs and underarms, you know I've gone batshit crazy crunchy. Heh. And there's nothing wrong with that, people.

    Quinoa. Help me hunt for it and recipes for it, too.


    • At 7:06 AM, January 02, 2010, Blogger Katrina said…

      I know I buy it at my local grocery store... And it is interesting! I haven't actually cooked with it... But one of my friends does quite often so if I think of it I'll ask her what she does with it...

    • At 9:18 PM, January 02, 2010, Blogger trifitmom said…

      i am supposed to buy this by the bulk and make it and incorporate into my meals per my nutritionist...have yet to done


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