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  • Saturday, March 05, 2011

    Shower The People You Love With Love...

    Today is my niece's bridal shower and bachelorette bowling party. You remember her, don't you? She and her dog used to live with us for a couple of years a few years back. I'm so excited she's getting married and he's such a great guy. We love him! He's part of our family. They'll be married Memorial Day weekend. I'm a bridesmaid and Livie is her flower girl. So exciting!

    Blondie is going to POP her eyes out when she sees what's been planned for her. I absolutely can't contain myself anymore, but I can't divulge anything on here because she reads this blog.

    Eeeeeeeee! It's going to be such an awesome day!


    • At 12:29 PM, March 06, 2011, Blogger Bert said…

      Absolutely outstanding Bridal Shower! ! One of the best I've ever attended. But I hear the Bachelorette. Party was even better. Right. AMY? :-)))


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