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  • Thursday, March 10, 2011

    This Sucks...

    And just like that (*snaps her fingers*)...we're all sick again. It figures. I had a cold last week and now I have a different something-or-other. WTF?!

    This time, instead of a head cold, it's now in my throat and my chest. Ugh. All the kids are boogery, as is Hubby, too. Poor Liv looks like Rudolph. And we just keep passing it around; it mutates; and then makes its way back to each of us all over again disguised as something new. Such is winter. Sigh.

    I just want some warmer weather so we can open up the windows and air out all these germs that we can't seem to get rid of in this house. I feel like shit!

    I give up. (*throws in the towel while waving a white flag*)


    • At 10:45 AM, March 10, 2011, Blogger Shari said…

      We're doing the same thing here. The crappy part is there aren't any decent children's cold medicines since so many parents were idiots and gave their kids too much. They were stupid so we all have to suffer.


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