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  • Wednesday, March 02, 2011

    Walk This Way...

    Leia took her first independent steps last of them, and then five, and then another five, etc. We knew she could walk; she's just lazy and didn't want to do it because she can get where she wants to faster by crawling. Duh. Liesl's the same way. Liesl usually does stuff a few weeks later than Leia, anyway, so I know she's next.

    Leia has been able to walk for a while. She, like Liesl, cruises everywhere, but Leia takes more chances and gets bold with her steps. Last night, she couldn't stop giggling as she took her steps. It was her new cool trick and she was on stage. Oh, the giggling! She filled the living room with full-belly baby laughter. It was precious!

    Both girls have one month before they're referred for physical therapy or even Early Intervention, so they'd better start walking soon. I really don't want to go through the whole EI thing again. It was tough enough with Jack when we had to arrange all his therapies and find the right therapists for him and he only had EI for a speech delay.

    I just remember Jack having OT, ST, and DT, all for a speech delay and none of his therapists said he was on the autism spectrum, especially since he'd caught up with his speech delay with only six months of therapy. Everyone just said it was sensory processing disorder. Yet, last May he received the educational determination of autism (high-functioning, possibly Asperger's in the future) through the school district, just so he can receive OT, ST, and SW at school. And now he's teaching himself how to play classical music on the piano...on his own. The autism spectrum is such a peculiar thing. Cognitively, Jack is not delayed at all, but socially he is. And he's got, dare I say, these savant-like musical abilities.

    I don't want to go through EI ever again. So, let's keep our fingers crossed that these girls get off their lazy butts and start walking well enough to not need a referral for PT or EI next month. Leia is off to a great start right now; let's hope Liesl follows her twin sister's lead.


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